About Us

Above all, GGS is committed to helping take the guesswork out of gem and jewelry shopping for our clients. Our diamond certificates and grading consultations adhere to the top internationally accepted standards of our industry, and we cater our services to all types of diamond enthusiasts. Whether you are a manufacturer, craftsman, wholesaler, retailer or consumer, GGS is fully prepared to provide you with diamond and gem education that will ensure you make the best choices for your situation. GSS does not sell diamonds, nor do we directly affiliate with any diamond or gem retail organization. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge of our certified Master Gemologist, and help you to learn all pertinent information regarding your diamonds and gems. Consumers and retailers across the world have trusted GGS for years as their source of appraisals, certificates, and information for decades. To inquire about getting started on your appraisal today, please click here.